Isle of Palms Beach

Isle of Palms Beach

The Isle of Palms Beach is one of the nicest beaches in South Carolina. The white sand beach is roughly seven miles long and stretches from Breach Inlet on the South End to Dewees Inlet on the North End. The beach is open to the public year-round.

Isle of Palms Beaches

Enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, surfing, sunbathing, parasailing, and more while visiting the IOP.

Dogs are allowed on the beach depending on the time of day and the time of the year. Check out all the rules for the beach and dogs regulations.

Isle of Palms Public Beach Access

Public beach access paths are located along Ocean Blvd and Palm Blvd. There are beach access paths on just about every block. Also, along palm Blvd, 42nd Avenue through 59th Avenue has public access at the end of each street.

Isle of Palms Beach Access
Beach Access Path

Always park in designated areas and use only the beach access paths to get on to the beach. The City clearly marks beach access paths.

Unlike parking at the Front Beach or the County Park parking on Palm Boulevard and Ocean Blvd do not offer any amenities. Therefore, bring everything you need for a day at the beach if you park on Palm Blvd. Don’t worry if you forget something, shopping for just about anything you need for you trip to the beach is only a short drive or walk away.

You can rent beach umbrellas, beach chairs, golf carts, and beach bikes. These rentals will be waiting for you at the beach or your vacation home. There are several companies offering equipment rental for a day or longer.

Walk on Isle of Palms Beach
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Isle of Palms Beach Rules

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Please follow the Isle of Palms Beach rules. These rules are designed to make your day, and the day of other visitors, at the beach more enjoyable. These regulations are designed to keep the beach clean and enjoyable for years to come. The IOP Police Department enforces regulations.

  • Alcohol is not allowed
  • Fireworks are not allowed
  • No glass bottles on the beach
  • Use only beach access paths and do not go into the dunes
  • Do not pick or damage Sea Oats growing in the dunes
  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended
  • Camping or sleeping on the beach overnight is not permitted
  • Rules about dogs on the beach must be followed
  • Motorized watercraft, like boats and jet skis, are not allowed in swimming areas

Is the IOP Beach Dog Friendly?

Rules for dogs on Isle of Palms

The IOP is a dog-friendly beach, but dogs are only allowed on the beach at certain times of the day. However, these times vary depending on the time of the year also. Click here to find out the complete rules for dogs on the Isle of Palms Beach.

Other Beaches in Charleston SC

Also, there are several other beaches in Charleston, SC you can visit also. Sullivan’s Island beach is only a few minutes away from the IOP. Folly Beach is about a 30 minute drive. Folly Beach offers dining, shopping, a long white sand beach, and other attractions also.

Edisto Beach SC

Boneyard Beach at Botany Bay Plantation
Boneyard Beach at Botany Bay

Furthermore, if you want to make a day trip you can visit Edisto Beach on Edisto Island, SC. Edisto Island is about an hour from Isle of Palms. Parking is available at Edisto Beach State Park and in the town of Edisto. Also, on you can visit the beach on Edisto Island at Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve. There are plenty of shells to see at Botany Bay, because beachgoers can’t remove anything from this protected beach.

Also, Botany Bay features a famous boneyard beach and offers free parking. You can enjoy a beautiful tour of the entire plantation in your car too. Guide maps are provided for the vehicle tour.

So, enjoy a day away from the city at the more secluded beaches at Edisto Beach State Park or Botany Bay Plantation if you have the time.

Edisto Island Beach Rules and Regulations

  • Swim at Your Own Risk.
  • Dogs allowed. Must be leashed May 1st through October 31st. Owners are responsible for removing pet waste.
  • If you dig it, fill it.
  • Canopies and umbrellas must be taken up at sunset. Beach equipment must not be left over night.
  • Not allowed: Glass, Open Burning, Grills, Camping, Fireworks, Destruction of Beach Vegetation, Disturbing Nesting Turtles or Hatchling Turtles, Golf Carts, Motorized Vehicles, or Litter. Edisto Island’s motto is “Please leave only your footprints in the sand.”

Also, click here for a map of South Carolina Beaches you can visit near Isle of Palms.

Learn more about beach chair rentals, waterfront restaurants, beach access, shopping, churches, and fishing on the IOP.