Isle of Palms Parking

Free Isle of Palms Beach Parking

Isle of Palms Parking
Isle of Palms Beach Parking on Front Beach

Isle of Palms beach parking can be found along Palm Blvd, the main thoroughfare on the Island, from 21st Avenue to 41st Avenue. Parking is free in designated areas on both sides of Palm Blvd.

Beach Parking is also allowed from 42nd Avenue to 57th Avenue, but only along the Southbound side of Palm Blvd in designated areas. However, beach parking is not allowed along the Northbound side of Palm Blvd from 41st to 57th Avenue.

You can park on 3rd Avenue between Ocean Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard and on the East side of 4th Avenue between these two streets. Parking is available on 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, and 7th Avenue between Ocean and Carolina Boulevard. Also, you may park on the East side of 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue between Carolina and Ocean.

During the Summer, St. Mark’s church on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Palm Blvd has limited parking. Parking is available in the temporary lot on the 3rd Avenue side of the building.

Always park at least four feet from the road on Palm Boulevard. The City marks this distance so visitors to the beach can easily see. This four-foot rule is in place for automobile and pedestrian safety. Please park your car parallel to the road and do not pull in head-first to park unless head-first parking is designated.

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Isle of Palms County Park offers parking for a fee near Front Beach on Pavilion Boulevard. Use the kiosks to pay for parking. Metered parking kiosks are available along Front Beach also. Always display the kiosk ticket on your vehicles dashboard. The City can fine drivers who do not display one of these tickets on their cars.

Parking on Front Beach also offers convenient access to IOP restaurants, bars, and shopping for souvenirs. Public showers and restrooms are available at the beach access next to Coconut Joe’s restaurant.  Therefore, you may want to consider a paid parking area close to these amenities.

Where ever you park on the Island, be sure it is in a designated parking area and please don’t block the driveways of any of the homes.

Beach access is available on almost every block on Palm Boulevard and Ocean Boulevard. Parking is available on the streets off of Ocean Blvd but not on Ocean Blvd proper.

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Handicapped Beach Parking on IOP

Isle of Palms offers handicapped beach parking in several locations, including the County Park (with no fee), the Municipal Parking Lot on Pavilion Drive, 9th Avenue, the Front Beach Restrooms facility, and 21st and 42nd Avenue.

Please remember that Isle of Palms beach parking can be hard to find on the weekends, especially on holiday weekends. On Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day weekends, make plans to arrive early. Beach parking is usually easy to find during the week, especially during non-Summer months.

Use the IOP Beach shuttle on the weekend during the Summer to catch a ride to and from Mt. Pleasant. The shuttle will drop you off right at the beach!

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