Things To Do on Isle of Palms

Things To Do on the Isle of Palms

All About Isle of Palms

About Isle of Palms

Where is the Isle of Palms?

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Locals refer to it as “The IOP” or “The Island.” Also, visitors sometimes mistakenly call the IOP “Palms Island” or “Island of Palms.”

Where to eat on Isle of Palms?

Are Dogs Allowed on the Isle of Palms Beach? IOP Dog Rules

Isle of Palms SC Weather

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Beach Access

Where is Front Beach on Isle Of Palms?

Front Beach is the area on the Island on the 10th and 11th blocks of Ocean Blvd. Many restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops, and bars are located here that right on the beach. There is beach parking and access on Front Beach also. Isle Palms County Park is on Front Beach with more parking and beach access. The main business district on Palm Blvd is just one block away from Front Beach.

What is the IOP Beach like?

There are many special events and Holiday activities throughout the year on the IOP. Events are hosted by the City and the Recreation Department also. Be sure to check out the special events calendar for Isle of Palms upcoming events and join in the fun!

Isle of Palms Lighthouse

Many people ask is there an Isle of Palms lighthouse? While there is not a lighthouse on the IOP, there is a lighthouse on nearby Sullivans Island. Also, there is another lighthouse across the harbor from Sullivans Island, Morris Island Lighthouse. Morris Island can only be visited by boat, but is visible from the south end of Sullivans Island. Two others that are not far away are the Cape Romain Lighthouses. The Lighthouses at Cape Romain are near McClellanville, SC and are only accessible by boat.

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